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ff2aFor over 30 years, BAT Inc. has been a major parts supplier to the Formula Ford 1600 & Formula Ford/Continental/Sports 2000 racing series. We have the largest inventory of formula car specific mechanicals anywhere in the world. Items include a full line of engine components (blocks, cranks, rods, bearings, pistons, rings, heads, valves, camshafts, engine fasteners and gaskets) fuel system components (pumps, regulators, air filters, intake manifolds, carburetors, repair kits, gaskets, jetting) exhaust components (formula car headers, exhaust flanges, collectors, gaskets) electrical components (distributors, caps, points, rotors, condensers, coils, wire sets, electronic modules, starters, bendix drives, master switches) drysump oil components (pumps, pans, tanks, oil coolers crank scrapers, pump rebuild kits, drive pulleys, belts, plumbing- bsp & an oil fittings) cooling system components (water pumps, gilmer & polly-v belt drives, crank & pump pulleys, replacement belts) powertrain components (rotoflex couplings, c.v. joints& boots, u-joints, clutch kits, flywheels, ring gears, pressure plates, clutch disks, release bearings, pilot bearings, alignment tools) transaxle components (full line of Webster & Hewland gear box repair parts, gear sets, limited slip differentials, synthetic oils, shop manuals) brake/hydraulic components (racing brake pads, master cylinders, slave cylinders, calipers, hydraulic repair kits, proportioning valves, check/pressure valves, brake fluid, plumbing- hose & fittings) instrumentation (single and dual gauges for temperature and pressure, gauge fittings, in-line gauge adaptors, pressure ff1switches) mechanical tachometer drives (tach gear boxes, tach cables, tach mounts, front covers, side mounts). BAT has a highly capable staff and you can confidently allow them to handle even your most technical requirements. We not only offer you over 30 years of international racing experience- we also care.

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